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Argyle Forest Youth Sports Association is a non-profit 501© 3 organization. The organization is funded by the registration fees, through fundraising efforts and donations. Being a non-profit organization that provides sporting activities to youth in the community there are always needs that the organization has that these limited funds cannot cover. This is our fourth season and over the last three seasons our organization has been successful caring for the youths in and around the Argyle community. Catering to every economical group and giving every child an opportunity to participate that has the desire to participate. We at Argyle youth Sports Association is reaching out to anyone or organization who share the same passion of providing a safe haven for our children to join in this quest. Please see below a list of current needs and wants for the association. All donations are tax deductibles and any monetary amount or items are welcome. This organization is volunteered ran and we are always looking for volunteers. To make donation or volunteer, please email us at argylespartans@ymail.com or call 904-382-5838. Click here for sponsorship letter

1.. Field Servicing ( Dirt and equipment usage to level practice field, Fertilizing, seeding, etc.)

2. Lights for practice Facility. Every Season we have to rent Generator lights for practice fields

3. AED at Home ad Practice Field


1. Golf Cart (utility cart with bed on back)  GOT IT IN 2018!!!!!!!!!!

2. Press Box at game field

3. 12 Passenger vans to transport participants who have no transportation to Practice


2015....... FENCE for Home Field ( Parks and Recs Jacksonville)

2016.......Storage Container for Home and Practice Field ( Councilmen )

2018....... Fence for Practice Field  ( Parks and Recs Jacksonville )
                Golf Cart 

 If you have access to any of these items or services and are willing to donate or give a sponsorship towards the purchase of them please contact Claude Xavier Wright at 904-382-5838 or email at claude.wright70@gmail.com 

PLEASE Click for Sponsorship Letter